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Breaking Bad News and Difficult Decisions with Dr. Michael Burk

Louisville Lectures creatorDr. Michael Burk presents "Breaking Bad News and Difficult Decisions"  to emphasize the importance of thinking carefully before delivering "bad news" to patients. With the use of case reports and group discussions, Dr. Burk explains how physicians can use empathy, patience, and planning, be the most effective and kind during these difficult discussions. 

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Transparency with Information and Disclosure of Medical Errors with Dr. Nathan Spell

Dr. Nathan Spell presents "Transparency with Information and Disclosure of Medical Errors" by first explaining the rationale for disclosure of medical errors to patients and/or families along with how to relate the patient's perspective on transparency of information about errors and unexpected events. He then describes the emotions experienced by health care professionals and patients when discussing a medical error. Dr. Spell finished by discussing how to disclose errors in compassionate and patient-centered ways,  including effective use of apology where appropriate. 

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Patient Evaluation for Advanced Heart Failure Therapies

Dr. Dmitry Abramov presents patient evaluations for advanced heart failure therapies by first discussing the classification system for heart failure severity.  He then presents different opinions available for patients with advanced heart failure.  After, he explains how to identify end stage heart failure as well as candidacy for advanced failure therapy. 

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Inpatient Glucose Management by Dr. Sathya Krishnasamy

Dr. Krishnasamy presents Inpatient Glucose Management by first discussing a case of hospital hyperglycemia. She then reviews current guidelines for glycemic management trends in non-critical care settings. After, she reviews institutional protocols.

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Mechanical Ventilation by Dr. Rodrigo Cavallazzi

Dr. Cavallazi presents mechanical ventilation by first discussing the physiology of respiratory failure.  He then describes how to tailor mechanical ventilation to different forms of respiratory failure. He finishes with a discussion of the latest studies defining how to best use mechanical ventilation. 

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Soundbites from the Quarry- Adventures in Stone Disease by Dr. Lederer

Dr. Eleanor Lederer presents stone disease and how stones may be a presenting feature in many systemic diseases.  She then discusses diseases and how many are accompanied by stones as well as metabolic evaluation leading to therapies that result in limitation or even cessation of nephrolithiasis.

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