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Breaking Bad News and Difficult Decisions with Dr. Michael Burk

Louisville Lectures creator, Dr. Michael Burk, presents "Breaking Bad News and Difficult Decisions"  to emphasize the importance of thinking carefully before delivering "bad news" to patients. With the use of case reports and group discussions, Dr. Burk explains how physicians can use empathy, patience, and planning, be the most effective and kind during these difficult discussions. 

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Michael Burk, M.D.


Michael Burk is a Chief Medical Resident at the University of Louisville for 2016-17. He obtained his MD from the Indiana University School of Medicine as a Bepko Fellow. He has interests in medical education and Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, especially in ultrasound assessment, CAP, and ECMO. He is the founder of Louisville Lectures and the Internal Medicine Lecture Series and serves as the Managing Director for the program. He will complete his fellowship at the University of Indiana this coming year.

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