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Understanding and Preventing Physician Burnout with Eric Baker

Eric Baker presents Physician Burnout by first discussing burnout in terms of psychology from occupational burnout to job burnout. He then explains statistics involved with physician burnout through various graphs and charts comparing different scenarios from med students and residents compared to the general population as well as how burnout differs between physicians.

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Sarcoidosis with Dr. Rafael L. Perez

Dr. Perez presents sarcoidosis by first taking listeners along the case of a healthy 28 year old nonsmoker with two months of having a dry cough, bilateral ankle pain, no fever and no rashes with normal exams. He then begins to explain and compare the different signs for sarcoidosis and how they may instead be a link to other diseases.

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Rafael L. Perez, M.D.

Dr. Rafael Perez is a Professor of Medicine on faculty at the University of Louisville and is the Chief of Medicine and Vice Chair of VAMC Affairs at the Louisville VA Hospital. His interests include interstitial lung disease, pulmonary rehabilitation, and lung masses.  His faculty profile can be found here.

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Nephritic/Nephrotic Syndrome with Dr. Kausar Hamiduzzaman

In this lecture, Dr. Kausar Hamiduzzaman presents Nephritic and Nephrotic Syndrome. She begins  explaining when it is appropriate to consider glomerular diseases in the differential diagnosis and finishes by discusses the definition, workup, and management of both nephrotic and nephritic syndromes.

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Novel Targeted Therapy for Low-Grade Lymphoid Malignancies in Older Adults by Dr. Krem

Dr. Krem discusses age-related and biological factors for low-grade lymphoma pathogenesis and outcomes. He then explains the mechanisms of action from low-grade lymphoma therapies.  He finishes by applying recent efficacy and toxicity data to older patients with low-grade lymphoma.


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Patient Evaluation for Advanced Heart Failure Therapies

Dr. Dmitry Abramov presents patient evaluations for advanced heart failure therapies by first discussing the classification system for heart failure severity.  He then presents different opinions available for patients with advanced heart failure.  After, he explains how to identify end stage heart failure as well as candidacy for advanced failure therapy. 

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Dr. Nunley presents lung transplantation by taking listeners along the case of a specific patient, his lungs, and the process that occurs before and after lung transplantation. From matching a donor to retrieving the organs, Dr. Nunley explains the ins and outs of organ donors and their road to transplantation. 

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