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LITTLE Lectures

Behind the scenes at Louisville Lectures, we have been hard at work on a new series: "Little Lectures." Based on feedback from YOU, our loyal viewers, we are excited to present an under ten-minute video series created by residents for learners. These will focus on delivering just-in-time algorithms, practical clinical knowledge and board tips on high-yield topics. These lectures will be provided by the University of Louisville Internal Medicine residents.

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Top Louisville Lectures


What does it mean to be in the top 10?

These lectures have been picked from our YouTube channel analytics. Based on watch time (minutes) and the number of views, these videos are considered our most popular content out of 1,114,804 videos. A special shout out to Dr. Lorrel Brown for making the list four times!

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Welcome 2018 Residents!

Welcome Residents! 

The July Effect: residents around the world are beginning their residencies this month, giving many to believe there will be more mistakes made in the hospital. Not to worry! Louisville Lectures has a variety of presentations given by physicians, psychiatrists, and fellow residents here to help you transition seamlessly as well as restore your confidence. You got this! 

Check out our Boot Camp where the Louisville Lectures team highlights some of our most-viewed lectures. Our Boot Camp covered a series of high-yield, critical topics that are useful to starting interns. For more recent lectures, visit our IMLS Home Page.

Louisville Lectures

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Hepatitis A: An Update in the Context of an Outgoing Multi-state Outbreak with Dr. Anupama Raghuram

Dr. Anupama Raghuram discusses "Hepatitis A: An Update in the Context of an Outgoing Multi-state Outbreak" by first reviewing the epidemiology and pathogenesis of hepatits A virus (HAV) infections. She then presents the clinical manifestations and management of HAV infections. After, Dr. Raghuram addresses strategies for prevention of transmission in a variety of clinical settings and finally, reviews data on the ongoing multi-state HAV outbreak in the US.

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