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Human Microbiomes and Asthma Phenotype: Next Frontiers with Dr. Yvonne Huang

Dr. Yvonne J. Huang presents Human Microbiomes and Asthma Phenotype: Next Frontiers by first reviewing evidence linking the microbiome in early life to childhood asthma. She then discusses recent evidence linking the airway microbiome to asthma phenotype in adults. After, she discusses the challenges and new directions to understanding how microbiota influence asthma phenotype.

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A Louisville Lectures Summer

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Happy Derby Day!

It's the 144th Kentucky Derby and Louisville Lectures is ready to welcome summer with a small update regarding this blog series and website. Every summer we take a short break to ensure our content stays consistent as well as unique and without repeats. While this year's posting of regular videos is no different, we are happy to soon announce new projects on the horizon. SOON, but not yet. 

Louisville Lectures will be posting regularly every Friday like usual, with a short summer break in July. Stay tuned for these additions and check out our most recent lectures below! 

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Introduction to Interventional Radiology with Dr. Missy Potts

Dr. Missy Potts discusses the wide variety of procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes performed by interventional radiologists. She then explains how knowledge of the procedure indications and details can help triage the patient and provide the patient with the best procedural option. Finally, Dr. Potts emphasizes the importance of physicians and radiologists working together to provide the safest and most appropriate treatment.

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Hepatitis with Dr. Michael Wellner

In this presentation, Dr. Michael Wellner discusses Hepatitis by first identifying patients with alcoholic hepatitis who are at high risk for poor outcomes. He then recognizes the different viral hepatitides as well as when and whom should receive treatment. After, he describes autoimmune hepatitis and finally, recognizes acute liver failure and which patients need urgent or emergent GI evaluation.

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CV Prevention for the Internist: Life's Simple 7 with Dr. Lorrel Brown

Dr. Lorrel Brown is here to present something a little different: CV Prevention.  Dr. Brown first lists Life's Simple 7 approach to prevention of cardiovascular disease as well as how to apply appropriate screening methods for LS7 in clinic patients. She then discusses how to properly treat conditions associate with LS7 and and finishes by giving examples of simple recommendations for patients to move towards ideal cardiovascular health. 

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