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Mechanical Ventilation by Dr. Rodrigo Cavallazzi

Dr. Cavallazi presents mechanical ventilation by first discussing the physiology of respiratory failure.  He then describes how to tailor mechanical ventilation to different forms of respiratory failure. He finishes with a discussion of the latest studies defining how to best use mechanical ventilation. 

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Incorporating Transgender Care into Every Day Primary Care with Dr. Henry Ng

In this lecture, Dr. Ng discusses cultural and clinical competence. He begins his presentation with cultural competence by explaining Trans 101, how to create a welcoming environment care and comparing a dedicated vs blended setting. During clinical competence, he discusses clinical care protocols and illustrative cases.  He then finishes his presentation with a few lessons learned.

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Soundbites from the Quarry- Adventures in Stone Disease by Dr. Lederer

Dr. Eleanor Lederer presents stone disease and how stones may be a presenting feature in many systemic diseases.  She then discusses diseases and how many are accompanied by stones as well as metabolic evaluation leading to therapies that result in limitation or even cessation of nephrolithiasis.

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Clinical Decision Making with Dr. Eleanor Lederer

In this presentation, Dr. Lederer is put to the test as a "clinician's clinician" and takes listeners along with her during her thought process where she covers the basics of what you need to know during the process: how to listen to the patient, the presentation and natural progression of the disease and an organized and consistent approach to obtaining data. 

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Statistical Methods in Quality Improvement with Stephen Furmanek

In the Eleventh lecture of our Research Series, Stephen Furmanek discusses Quality Improvement projects.  This video examines different methods for displaying the results and how to determine which method is best.

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