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Cardiac Arrest: Can Education Improve Outcomes? with Dr. Lorrel Brown

Louisville Lectures's most requested lecturer is back! Dr. Lorrel Brown presents Cardiac Arrest and her journey to discover whether education can improve the outcomes. First, she explains the postulated reasons for the variability in survival following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest as well as the gaps between the best practices and real world practices with regards to CPR. She then defines CPR skill retention rates under current methods of instruction and finishes with different ways in which ongoing educational efforts seek to improve outcomes following cardiac arrest. 

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Malnutrition: Identifying Nutritional Risk and Implications in Patient Care with Dr. Ryan Hurt


In this presentation, Dr. Ryan Hurt discusses malnutrition by first describing the concept of nutritional risk in both hospital and ambulatory patients. He then explains how to recognize the complications associated with sarcopenia in elderly populations as well as different strategies to diagnose and treat patients at high nutritional risk.

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Screening for Depression in Primary Care with Dr. Bishop and Sara Williams

In this presentation, our Director of Digital Media, Dr. Laura Bishop is here to discuss how to screen for depression in primary care with the help of Sara Williams. Dr. Bishop shares screening tools and how to implement them efficiently into your practice while Sara Williams discusses computer-assisted Cognitive Behavior Therapy and the shift for treatment delivery.

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A Review of Outpatient Internal Medicine with Dr. Patrick McKenzie

Dr. Patrick McKenzie identifies and briefly explains key areas of outpatient medicine. He then highlights aspects of outpatient medicine that are highly testable. Throughout his talk, he discusses statistics, immunizations, screening, cough, dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus, MSK pain, dyslipidemia, obesity, and depression.

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Ventilation 101 with Dr. Hala Karnib

Dr. Hala Karnib presents Ventilation 101 by defining oxygenation versus ventilation, non-invasive positive pressure ventilation, and mechanical ventilation. With NIPPV, Dr. Karnib discusses indications/ contraindications, equipment, and settings. She then describes indications, modes of mechanical ventilation, and trouble shooting for mechanical ventilation.

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