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5-10 Minute Lectures

Based on feedback from YOU, our loyal viewers, we are excited to present an under ten-minute video series created by residents for learners. These will focus on delivering just-in-time algorithms, practical clinical knowledge and board tips on high-yield topics. These lectures will be provided by the University of Louisville Internal Medicine residents.


Liver Tests
with Dr. Khushboo Gala

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Our Lectures:


with Dr. Christian Matar

Hypertensive Crisis
with Dr. Travis Huffman

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with Dr. Liza Cholin


Acute Kidney Injury
with Dr. Liza Cholin

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GI Bleeds Part One and Two of GI Bleeds
with Dr. Jordan Burlen


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Our Mission...

The mission of the University of Louisville Internal Medicine Residency Program is to provide comprehensive education in general internal medicine which fully prepares its graduates to practice compassionate and evidence-based medicine in a variety of settings. We strive to create a supportive and challenging learning environment that offers strong mentorship, values diversity and inclusiveness, encourages intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning, and teaches physicians to work in inter-professional teams and to realize their roles as advocates for their patients and in their communities.