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Patient Evaluation for Advanced Heart Failure Therapies

Dr. Dmitry Abramov presents patient evaluations for advanced heart failure therapies by first discussing the classification system for heart failure severity.  He then presents different opinions available for patients with advanced heart failure.  After, he explains how to identify end stage heart failure as well as candidacy for advanced failure therapy. 

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100th Lecture! Changing Medicine or The Life of Tom Petty by Dr. Roman

As we celebrate our 100th lecture and the certification of many of our lectures as worthy of CME, we want to ask our viewers and listeners to take a step back with us and reflect on what is possible if we forget to imagine the impossible.  Dr. Roman takes us on a journey exploring the life of a man who changed pulmonary medicine in the 20th century. A story of an ordinary man, with extraordinary drive and a passion for medicine. Dr. Roman challenges us all to dream and to believe in our own ability to reshape our profession in the 21st century. 

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Grand Rounds: Management of C.difficile and Fecal Microbiota Transplant With Dr. Krueger

Dr. Kris Krueger reviews the epidemiology and pathogenesis of C.difficile in the U.S. Then, she gives an update on current medical treatments including antibiotic, probiotic and surgical treatment before covering the evidence behind fecal microbial transplant. She also addresses prevention strategies and emerging C.difficile therapies such as immunotherapy and vaccines.

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Analyzing the Accuracy of Cardiac Risk Calculators with Dr. Defilippis

Dr. Andrew Defilippis discusses his very practical research into the data behind cardiovascular risk scores. His findings on variations between different cohort studies have been published and debated the Annals of Internal Medicine this spring

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Introducing Medicine Grand Rounds on Louisville Lectures

We are excited to announce an addition to the current offerings we have on Louisville Lectures: Medicine Grand Rounds.  Building on our current Internal Medicine Lecture Series from the University of Louisville, we will be adding a separate category for Grand Rounds lectures. The Grand Rounds lecture series at the University of Louisville runs from September to June and is only one lecture per week, so we will not be publishing these lectures each and every week simply due to availability. Because the content discussed in a Grand Rounds lecture is often a deep dive into a topic, research based, and not always a good fit into a general medicine curriculum, we are offering these as a separate entity within Louisville Lectures. You should see a new category in the navigation appearing soon, and as we publish more, a separate playlist on YouTube.

The lectures that do fit well into the medicine curriculum we are building will be published into our Internal Medicine Lecture Series categories and podcast as well.  Finally, we want to thank all the faculty that have contributed their knowledge, time, and expertise to the program. We are excited about some of our debut lectures and hope you enjoy these offerings as much as we have.

-Michael Burk, MD
Founder and Managing Director, LouisvilleLectures.org