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A Review of Outpatient Internal Medicine with Dr. Patrick McKenzie

Dr. Patrick McKenzie identifies and briefly explains key areas of outpatient medicine. He then highlights aspects of outpatient medicine that are highly testable. Throughout his talk, he discusses statistics, immunizations, screening, cough, dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus, MSK pain, dyslipidemia, obesity, and depression.

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Safe and Effective Hospital Discharges with Dr. Charlene Mitchell

In this presentation, Dr. Mitchell discusses discharge-related risks, appropriateness for discharge, and elements of the discharge process.  Dr. Mitchell emphasizes that dangerous events happen commonly, involving medications, test results, and poor communication and/or follow-ups. However, with a clear understanding for the process, these are mostly preventable. 

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Incorporating Transgender Care into Every Day Primary Care with Dr. Henry Ng

In this lecture, Dr. Ng discusses cultural and clinical competence. He begins his presentation with cultural competence by explaining Trans 101, how to create a welcoming environment care and comparing a dedicated vs blended setting. During clinical competence, he discusses clinical care protocols and illustrative cases.  He then finishes his presentation with a few lessons learned.

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Patient-Centered Care for LGBT Individuals with Dr. Potter

In this video, Dr. Jennifer Potter talks about why questions on patient social history should include patient identities, adverse life experiences, and coping strategies.  She then identifies questions one may ask to learn about these areas. Afterwards she outlines the 10 "P' methods, and ends by describing how to perform a pelvic exam.

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Common Intern Issues with Dr. Moffett

In this video, Dr. Bryan Moffett examines common issues interns may face.  He begins by discussing how to approach calls.  He then examines areas like Diabetes, Insulin therapy, Pain management, Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA), Chest Pain, Hypotension, HTN Blood Pressure, Dsyphea/Hypoxia, Agitation, Diarrhea, and Insomnia

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Minimizing Complications in Cirrhosis with Dr. Marsano - *Updated*

Dr. Luis Marsano delves into providing adequate nutrition for patients with cirrhosis to prevent hepatic encephalopathy and alcoholic hepatitis. He also addresses minimizing morbidity; including preventing refractory ascites and hepatorenal syndrome and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis prevention.

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Overview of Alcoholic Liver Disease and Addiction with Dr. McClain

In this lecture, Dr. Craig McClain discusses the pathogenesis of alcoholic liver disease, treatment, and patient cases. Dr. McClain uses his expertise in nutrition to discuss risk factors and advanced pathophysiology that predispose patients to excess harm from alcohol. He closes with a focus on where the research on treatment is and what the most recent evidence tells us about how we might improve clinical management. 

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Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) with Dr. Raghuram

In this lecture Dr. Raghuram takes a look at traditional and new definitions of FUOs as well as a practical algorithm for their workup. She takes a comprehensive look at common non-infectious causes including often used drugs that can produce fevers in patients. Dr. Raghuram finishes with several cases presented in a board review style and walks through her thought process with evaluating the questions.

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