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Nephritic/Nephrotic Syndrome with Dr. Kausar Hamiduzzaman

In this lecture, Dr. Kausar Hamiduzzaman presents Nephritic and Nephrotic Syndrome. She begins  explaining when it is appropriate to consider glomerular diseases in the differential diagnosis and finishes by discusses the definition, workup, and management of both nephrotic and nephritic syndromes.

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Soundbites from the Quarry- Adventures in Stone Disease by Dr. Lederer

Dr. Eleanor Lederer presents stone disease and how stones may be a presenting feature in many systemic diseases.  She then discusses diseases and how many are accompanied by stones as well as metabolic evaluation leading to therapies that result in limitation or even cessation of nephrolithiasis.

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Grand Rounds: Lupus Nephritis with Dr. Rovin

Dr. Rovin covers the current recommendations on management of Lupus nephritis from a nephrologist's perspective. This is a case-based presentation that is data-driven;  it covers the presentation, diagnostic criteria, indications for biopsy and treatment options for Lupus nephritis.

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