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Dr. Hiram Rivas Perez presents Asthma by discussing the definition, prevalence, risk of developing asthma, and diagnosis. He then goes on to discuss the history of asthma as well as diagnostic testing. After, he presents different treatments along with various cases as examples.

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Sarcoidosis with Dr. Rafael L. Perez

Dr. Perez presents sarcoidosis by first taking listeners along the case of a healthy 28 year old nonsmoker with two months of having a dry cough, bilateral ankle pain, no fever and no rashes with normal exams. He then begins to explain and compare the different signs for sarcoidosis and how they may instead be a link to other diseases.

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Non-Malignant Pleural Effusions - Part Two with Dr. Gauhar

In this lecture, Dr. Umair Gauhar reviews pleural anatomy, normal characteristics of pleural effusion and epidemiology of pleural effusions. He then delves into a thorough discussion of parapneumonic effusions (including various classification schemas) as well as treatment options both empiric antibiotic regimens and a comprehensive discussion thoracentesis. This is a must watch lecture for pulmonologists, intensivists, and internists! 

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