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Non-Malignant Pleural Effusions - Part Two with Dr. Gauhar

In this lecture, Dr. Umair Gauhar reviews pleural anatomy, normal characteristics of pleural effusion and epidemiology of pleural effusions. He then delves into a thorough discussion of parapneumonic effusions (including various classification schemas) as well as treatment options both empiric antibiotic regimens and a comprehensive discussion thoracentesis. This is a must watch lecture for pulmonologists, intensivists, and internists! 

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Non-malignant Pleural Effusions - Part One With Dr. Gauhar

Dr. Umair Gauhar discusses pleural fluid pressure, characteristics, epidemiology and pathophysiology of effusion. He spends a great deal of time teaching the approach to pleural effusion anatomy.  This talk is background for Part Two which covers more of the clinical causes of non-malignant pleural effusion. 

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