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Congratulations to our 2019 Graduating Residents!

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Graduation 2019
This week, we want to celebrate our graduating residents who’ve helped us with Little Lectures. Thank you for all you’ve done. We’ll miss you!

June is always a bittersweet time in the world of medical education. It is with pride that I reflect upon the growth and contributions of our graduates but it is tempered by the loss of these colleagues with which I have learned alongside for several years. This graduation season, I would like to highlight a few of our University of Louisville graduates that have helped make Little Lectures happen!
— Dr. Laura Bishop, Director of Louisville Lectures
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Dr. Christian Matar

“Dr. Christian Matar, a Med-Peds PGY-4 (and chief!) created a very compelling lecture addressing hyperkalemia. I’ll never forget the man fishing when I think of hyperkalemia-induced EKG changes. We wish him luck as he moves forward to a primary care practice home in Tennessee with his talented wife, Rachel.”


Dr. Jordan Burlen

“Dr. Jordan Burlen is an Internal Medicine PGY-3 graduating resident that never fails to infuse his teaching with a sense of humor and fun. He is the husband of our Little Lectures Resident Director, Dr. Liza Cholin. Under her direction, he had a haircut immediately prior to recording his Upper & Lower GI Bleed lectures as he also known for a sometimes chaotic mop of fiery hair! He is moving on to a Gastroenterology fellowship in Ohio and we wish him well!”

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Dr. Liza Cholin

“Dr. Liza Cholin has been a pivotal member of our Little Lectures team. As our Resident Director, she single-handedly spent two years encouraging, recruiting and cajoling residents to step in front of the camera and teach the world via Little Lectures. Regardless of her rotation, she was a continual champion and promoter of Little Lectures to her colleagues. She delivered stellar lectures on Hypernatremia and Acute Kidney Injury. She is headed to a Nephrology fellowship in Ohio and we would be happy to accept any long distance lectures she chooses to prepare!”


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