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Neuro-Oncology with Dr. Eric Burton

Dr. Eric Burton explains brain tumors in this presentation about CNS tumors, common gliomas, histological classification of tumors and the epidemiolgy of primary brain and CNS tumors. He also discusses the general signs and symptoms of increased intracranial pressure as well as focal cerebral syndromes. After presenting various treatment plans, Dr. Burton talks through survival rates along with how to speak with patients about expected timelines.

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Acute CVA with Dr. Jignesh Shah

Dr. Shah presents Acute CVA by first explaining how to evaluate a stroke patient, define a stroke and TIA as well as stroke epidemiology.  He then discusses the concept of penumbra along with vascular anatomy and pathogenesis. After talking through the risk factors and classifying ischemic stroke, Dr. Shah finishes with the signs and symptoms of a stroke. 

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Delirium with Dr. Zachary Sager

Dr. Sager presents Delirium and how common it is through various statistics before explaining the Delirium DSM- 5 Criteria. He then discusses the many paths that lead to the development of Delirium and why that makes it so difficult to treat as well as the diagnosis of Delirium and the different risk factors involved like dementia, immobility, sensory impairment, etc. While treatment is hard to come by, Dr. Sager discusses the different treatments available.

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Movement Disorders 101 with Dr. Kathrin LaFaver

Dr. LaFaver presents Movement Disorders by first explaining the spectrum of hyperkinetic movement disorders from myoclonus to dystonia and how their movements differ among them as well as what movements are classified between hypokinetic and hyperkinetic movements. She then explains the phenomenology of movements and how to describe them before going into detail about the differences between Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor.

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