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End of Summer Break!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Just over a year ago, we launched our YouTube channel, the Internal Medicine Lecture Series. Since then, you have helped us grow a website and podcast to make it even easier to learn medicine wherever you are and whenever you can. We hope that we have helped those of you in academic centers feel more confident and provide better patient care during the first two months of the academic year. We appreciate all of the thoughts, support, and advice you have given us to help improve our offerings.

In order to continue providing high quality content and build what will be a comprehensive internal medicine curriculum we are taking a short hiatus to help plan for the upcoming year. In addition, we are a resident run endeavor and the internal medicine In-Training Exams for our program occur at this time of year. We want to ensure our team has plenty of time to prepare and take the exam.

We look forward to publishing more great lectures soon and will keep working to bring you the best, most accessible, and innovative #FOAMIM anywhere. 


Michael Burk