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Boot Camp: Phase 1

As we welcome a new class of interns this July, our Louisville Lectures team wanted to highlight some of our most-viewed lectures. Our Boot Camp series will cover high-yield, critical topics that are useful to starting interns. 

Phase One

Or, A Matter of the Heart

We are starting with some basic EKG concepts and arrhythmia emergencies. Dr. Martin Espinoza and Dr. Lorrell Brown deliver two highly-watched videos. 

EKG Basics

EKGs. Your Cardiology attending makes it look like it's something you should have mastered in pre-school, and when you ask your fellow to explain what a J-point is, it turns into an opportunity to "broaden your reading". In this lecture, Dr. Martin Espinosa discusses concepts in EKGs for the medical resident.  


In this lecture, Dr. Lorrel Brown distills the scary heart rhythms into easy to remember principles and helps ease the heart pains of house staff officers.


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