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Grand Rounds: Refugee Health and the Kentucky Global Health Center

In this illuminating Grand Rounds lecture, Dr. Rahel Bosson and Ruth Carrico give an overview of the real struggle of the refugee population and provide an update of the current state of refugee health in Kentucky. They give an overview of the Global Health Initiative at University of Louisville which includes the follow programs: HIV/AIDs, Refugee Health and Immunization, Vaccine and International Travel and Global Health Research Support. The talk concludes looking to the future with a comprehensive Global Health Center composed of improving refugee orientation and EMR, healthcare worker education, developing guidelines and bettering our surveillance and epidemiology surrounding global health populations.

Rahel Bosson, M.D.

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., R.N.

Dr. Bosson is an Assistant Professor of Medicine. She graduated from the University of Louisville's Internal Medicine Program where she has consistently showed interest in Global Health and is now providing compassionate care as the Director of the Refugee Health Program at the University of Louisville.

Ruth Carrico has a nursing background and is the Founding Associate Director of the University of Louisville's Global Health Initiative (with Dr. Julio Ramirez as the Founding Director). She has been active in Infectious Disease and Prevention of Disease throughout her career.


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