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Victoria Roman


Victoria Roman is the Managing Video Editor for Louisville Lectures. She received her Bachelor's in Art Studio as well as a minor in Psychology at the University of Kentucky. Some of her artwork can be seen in the Department of Medicine Conference Room at the ACB Building. As Managing Video Editor for Louisville Lectures, Victoria is responsible for taking recorded lectures and transforming them into free and easy access you tube videos, podcasts, and blog posts.

In her spare time, Victoria has collaborated with other artists and companies such as photographer David Miller and the barrel cooperage ZAK Cooperage. The majority of her work includes medical imagery, inspired by her physician of a dad as well as some personal medical history. She enjoys taking what is often perceived as sterile images from CT scans and pathologies to vivid, moving concepts. Her digital work has less organization to it, covering topics from her Puerto Rican heritage to political cartoons. 

She can also be seen creating next month's Happy Hour poster.

Take a look at some of her favorite posters for Happy Hour!