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Understanding and Preventing Physician Burnout with Eric Baker

Eric Baker presents Physician Burnout by first discussing burnout in terms of psychology from occupational burnout to job burnout. He then explains statistics involved with physician burnout through various graphs and charts comparing different scenarios from medical students and residents compared to the general population as well as how burnout differs between physicians.

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Eric Baker, L.C.A.D.C., L.C.S.W.

Eric Baker completed Advanced Clinical training in TA and Gestalt Therapy and the Southeast Institute, his Masters of Science in Social Work at UL Kent School for Social Work and specializes in Alcohol and Drug Counseling as well as Child Development and Welfare.

 "I approach therapy with a belief that all people have dignity, value and worth, that everyone has the capacity to think, and that people shape their own destiny based on their beliefs about themselves and others. Through mutual collaboration and responsibility and the use of open communication, clients can address everyday problems of living to severe and incapacitating disorders in order to lead healthy and fulfilling lives."

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