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Laura Bishop, M.D.


Louisville Lectures Director

Laura Bishop, M.D.

Dr. Bishop is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville in the Departments of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics where she practices as a Hospitalist. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program and is now pleased to work as the Associate Program Director for the Med-Peds program. 

She is passionate about medical education at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She is active in the undergraduate medical school as a facilitator for problem-based learning groups, mentor in the intro to clinical medicine course, builds curriculum surrounding clinical skills and created/piloted clinician-pathologist dyad teaching in the Disease & Therapeutics MS-2 course. In her graduate medical education work, she has expanded clinical learning as well as crafting opportunities to learn about less-often taught topics like communication, bias, business of medicine and transition of care. She has received several teaching awards from residents and students and has completed seminars on Teaching/active Learning, Medical Education Research and the Leadership & Innovation in Academic Medicine program. She is a co-founder of Louisville Lectures (as a resident) and now she serves as Director.

Her other interests including nail art, infusing wellness into everyday, trying everything at Trader Joe’s, planning Walt Disney World vacations, keeping her pool from turning into a pit of algae, cooking and entertaining. She and her husband own a comic book and board game store and website and she has a skincare business.