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Safe and Effective Hospital Discharges with Dr. Charlene Mitchell

In this presentation, Dr. Mitchell discusses discharge-related risks, appropriateness for discharge, and elements of the discharge process.  Dr. Mitchell emphasizes that dangerous events happen commonly, involving medications, test results, and poor communication and/or follow-ups. However, with a clear understanding for the process, these are mostly preventable. 

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Genitourinary Cancers with Dr. Padmini Moffett

In this lecture, Dr. Padmini Moffett presents Genitourinary Cancers with a quick overview on the different types of cancer like prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, and testicular cancer as well as the risk factors for these types of cancers. After, she discusses diagnosis and concludes with treatment and risk factors involved with each treatment method.

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Hypertensive Crisis with Dr. Lorrel Brown

Dr. Lorrel Brown discusses the Hypertensive Crisis by first defining hypertension. She then defines hypertensive crisis as having severely elevated blood pressure with end-organ damage. After, she discusses the pathophysiology of end organ damage along with the different treatment approaches for hypertensive crisis. Finally, she finishes her presentation with a few case reports. 

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Controversies in the Medical Management of Obesity with Dr. Villafuerte

In this presentation, Dr. Betty Villafuerte discusses complications-based approaches to guide treatment modality of obesity. She them reviews treatment guidelines on lifestyle modifications and the use of pharmacotherapy in managing obesity. Finally, she examines the role of meal frequency, meal timing, lifestyle behavior, and intelligence on obesity.

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Healthcare Quality and Safety: An Introduction with Dr. Hugh Shoff

In this presentation, Dr. Hugh Shoff presents Healthcare Quality and Safety by first explaining its history and importance. He then discusses the goals of physicians and how they can achieve those goals through patient safety as well as quality improvement and methods. After, he concludes with a case example. 

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