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Christopher K. Migliore, MD, MS


Dr. Chris Migliore earned a Bachelor and Masters of Science, both in Physiology, at Southern Illinois University, and completed a Masters of Arts at Loyola University Chicago in Medical Sciences. He served as an Assistant Professor at Loyola University while completing his MD at Rush Medical College in Chicago, IL, where he graduated in 2014.

He completed his residency in Internal Medicine in 2017 at the University of Louisville. As Chief Medical Resident, he curated the LouisvilleLectures.org  #FOAMed site, which allows learners from across the world to benefit from the medical knowledge presented to our internal medicine residents during weekly didactic sessions. He also taught in the Cardiovascular block at the School of Medicine. These days, he is an attending physician at Columbia University.

His other interests include practicing his Italian,tennis, reading, traveling, and counting the beat before a song drops. Chris is passionate about music and put himself through medical school by performing as a professional DJ. If you pass him in the hallway and hear a soft rhythmic humming, it’s just that Chris has forgotten he isn’t in the DJ booth anymore.