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Internal Medicine 2018 Categorical Candidate Interviews

While many are looking forward to the coming of autumn, we are looking forward to a different season here at Louisville Lectures…..Interview Season!  We welcome our applicants from across the nation and the globe who will visit the University of Louisville Internal Medicine Residency Program over the next few months.  We are excited to think about who among you will become members of our residency class of 2022!  Visit our residency program’s website to learn more about the excellent training experience we offer!

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Positive Pressure Ventilation with Dr. Bilal Jalil

Dr. Bilal Jalil presents "Positive Pressure Ventilation" through the following questions:

  1. Why is my patient intubated?

  2. What MV modes do I need to know about?

  3. How do I set the initial ventilator settings?

  4. Am I harming my patient with a ventilator?

  5. The ventilator is alarming!!! What do I do?

  6. Can I extubate my patient?

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